iPhone 4 hits Verizon


One of the most famed tech questions of the past three and a half years would have to be “when is the iPhone coming to verizon?” If over the years you haven’t seen rumours and complaints about this among other tech sites, you have got to have been living under a rock. Finally, this question has been answered, on the tenth of February, you will be able to buy an iPhone 4 on Verizon. I’ll just let that wash over you.

On Tuesday Verizon held a press conference announcing it’s CDMA version of the iPhone 4. The phone is almost identical to AT&T’s version, with only minor differences such as the antena design, to suit the CDMA netowrk better, wireless hotspot capabilities and the restriction of not being able to surf at the same time as talking to somebody on the phone. This is due to the setup of the CDMA network, and could not be avoided, so all is left to you now, will you buy it, or will you wait for the iPhone 5, a potential LTE or wimax device? Let us know in the comments

One Response to “iPhone 4 hits Verizon”
  1. Ducknose says:

    We are lucky in Australia that we can get it on pretty much any carrier we want (on a plan). I would imagine that the difference between GSM that AT&T, and CDMA that Verizon uses caused many people to dismiss the iPhone since 2007 and turn to an Android/other device. It is good to see our American counterparts receiving an AWESOME phone. Now all we want now is one in white. LTE or Wimax could be good but it also depends on how much and where you use your iPhone i.e. wi-fi or not. General surfing wouldn’t be that bad on 3G but tethering is another story. I wonder that because CDMA only allows voice or data, not both at the same time, does it affect how the consumer uses their phone?

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