Atrix 4G

A 4G phone, a dual core processor, a gigabyte of DDR2 ram and an amazing capability of being able to turn into a Linux based computer at the push of a button, what more could you want? I don’t know, I just think this phone has paved the way for the future of mobile telephony. When engadget editor Myriam Joire talked to a guy who was demonstrating it to her, he claimed it to be “one of the most powerful smartphones on the market” and I think he may be right. Unfortunately, I am a diehard apple fanboy, however I manage to keep an open mind about things like this. It’s feature where it practically turns into a computer is incredible, and if that paves the way for all other smartphones, well I commend this device, for constructing a brilliant mobile future. Imagine using your iPad as a tablet like normal, running iOS and then plugging it into a screen and have it run mac osx, incredible, and for all other android phones to do this would be equally as amazing to android fanboys I can imagine.
The webtop feature really does turn your phone into a fairly capable Linux machine, and what’s best about it would have to be it’s functionality to save your current state, so as soon as you plug it back into it’s docking station the next time you use it, your right where you left off.
It looks as if it is running a little bit of motorola blur however nothing to bad and certainly nothing that would change your mind about the other features this beast of a phone packs. Complete with firefox and 10.1 flash support, a file system and Citrix remote desktop capabilities, this phone is certainly not an android device you’d want to miss out on. Release dates and pricing are yet to be announced.


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