How iPhone has changed what I do

When the original iPhone was introduced way back in 2007, I never really paid much attention. I was 11 (before the fanboyism era), and it had only been released in america, so it wasn’t of that much interest to me. About a year later I got up at 3 AM to read a live blog of the 2008 WWDC keynote, where Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 3G. That was the begining of my fanboyism. I had to have that iPhone. For a few months before hand I had been using my first generation iPod touch, and it was insane. Back in the days of 1.x, before the app store, and before every man and his dog had an iPod touch. But this phone was an essential. What I was looking forward to most would have been the 3G, the ablity to surf wherever, without a wifi connection. My dad’s business (Sync International) had signed up on a contract with 2 iPhone 3G’s, on for him, and one for his dad who was also his co-worker. In september however, they got fed up with Vodafone, and ditched them for Optus, which they later ended up regretting heaps. So, there we were with two spare iPhone 3G’s, I was drooling at the mouth. One of them was handed off to myself, and one to my grandmother. It was insane! I definetly was the only one in grade six with an iPhone.

Two years passed, and the ease of use continued to astound me. People would be like, ‘hey, what’s the cricket score?’ and I’d be all like, ‘lets have a look!’ and whip out the Cricket Live app on my iPhone and tell them. Little things like that which just make things easy to do, has made life much easier. ‘Oh, what time does my bus home come?’ Out comes the Metlink app and I can have that information in under 7 taps of the screen. However, two years did pass, and towards the end of my iPhone 3G’s lifespan, it turned into a real dinosaur. The 4.0 app specifically killed my iPhone, rendering it almost impossible to use. It was so incredibly slow, that I had started using my iPad for everything. To take a photo was at least a 30 second procedure after this update, and if you had music playing while trying to send a text message, well, forget it. That was when the iPhone 4 was announced.

As I said, my Apple fanboyism is huge, and that brought me to the great iPhone 4 campout. The turnout there would have to be close to 1000 people, and I remember the feeling of finally getting to the front of the line and into the apple shop. The iPhone 4 was a beast, with a processor of 1ghz, I was astounded. Each app would open in well under a second, and multi-tasking! Multi-tasking was insane, and I use it almost like a second home screen now. Voice control, video recording, a fast speed, were all features I’d been missing out on for so long. Two days after the campout (yes, I came back empty handed, shut up) I got my iPhone 4, and it was crazy cool. The excitement of the new product was refreshened, at long last after my iPhone 3G’s long service was at an end. And believe it or not it is actually still in service, on another two year contract. So then we are back to square one, checking the cricket score, bus timetable and all that, yet again, however on a phone a million times faster, and dam lot more capable.

One Response to “How iPhone has changed what I do”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Good story about a dedicated fanboy (not fanboys you english nerds!) My dad bought a second hand 16GB 3GS recently for $300. It is suprisingly capable for such a small thing. Doing simple searching (checking the cricket score) is suprisingly easy. I had a play with it for a while and even using Safari was relatively painless; handy for when you cannot stop watching tv and need to find out something. The compass didn’t work so we took it to the Apple shop in Perth and they replaced it with another 3GS! 🙂 I was surprised myself that they did that, it was out of warranty also. I would like another Apple product for myself though……. Apple is good at luring in repeated customers I tell you.

    ps No reception issues with Vodafone recently? 🙂

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