Over-Ear Headphones (Sony V500DJ Review)

Recently I decided that I needed a pair of over-ear headphones. So began the epic search for a pair of reasonably priced headphones on the internet. I looked at everything from Sennheisers to Skullcandys but they all looked the same and all had similar costs. It was a tough decision. Eventually I went for the Sony V500DJs. I actually got them half-price direct from the Sony store so I was very pleased.

So far, I’ve been really impressed with them. They have superb sound quality and are very comfortable. I also think the sizing has been done well and will fit pretty much any teenager or adult, although they may not be suited for young children. They portability is fantastic as they collapse in on themselves to be stuffed in a bag, but I think it is way cooler to wear them around your neck. I’m not quite sure what they’re made out of, but they are constructed out of what seems to be a fairly tough plastic with rubber head comfort. The leatherette ear pads seem to be quite durable as well. They only problem I’d point out is that the cable is extremely long (3 metres coiled to 1 metre) and is quite heavy, but this problem should not overshadow how fantastic these headphones are.

I’m very pleased with my purchase and would recommend these headphones to most people. However, I think that really all over-ear headphones are quite similar, and it doesn’t really matter what you go for. It’s just a personal decision on what they look like and what they cost.

Sony V500DJ: 8/10

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