Using an iOS Beta

So as you have probably seen a couple days back Apple released the 4.3 beta for iOS. As a member of the developer program I was quick to download the iPad and iPhone 4 version of the software, and install it straight away, and I was impressed

Almost every time I install beta software, especially the first build of it, I am presented with a whole myriad of bugs, and a massive, massive performance downgrade, however with 4.3, this was not the case. With only a few minor bugs, I was happy. The few new features the version has was definitely worth the early upgrade, and most of these bugs should be ironed out fast enough anyway. I’m sorry if I’m being vague in this post, but you see the point is I’m also being incredibly careful. Most things to do with 4.3 are under a strict NDA so I must make sure I do not break it, but lets just say this. You’re gonna love it, and if you have a developer account, don’t hold out, there’s not a whole lot wrong with 4.3 Beta 1 at all.


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