The beginning of a week without cable

First world problems eh? Yep, as petty as they may be, they still can come as a total bitch. Last night my foxtel connection decided it didn’t want to work anymore, and with my complete inexperience of what to watch on free to air, when to watch it, and all the other logistics, I am lost. People always talk about the cable box free lifestyle, so I decided to look at the bright side of this seemingly dire situation. This week, the two second gen Apple TV’s, and the one first gen one up the front, are going to get a ton of use. And iTunes is going to make a bunch more money from me, but as I say, bright sides hey? Today I bought season 1 of Rush, an Australian police show, based on the reccomendation of my good friend Kelsey, and so far, I’m liking it. I’m up to episode four, however I am fully aware on a boring day I could power through an entire season of something, so that AU $29 I spent on season 1 could be all finished sooner than expected. If anybody has any good suggestions for new TV seasons to watch, or movies to fill my tv time please let me  know. However after one night, I seem to be doing surprisingly ok. Last night I watched an episode of Top Gear, and a Top Gear special, which totalled about 2 and a half hours of tv, basically what I normally would watch a night, so I guess iTunes probably has content covered, now my only problem is the pricing plan iTunes has at the moment, as I mentioned in my Apple TV second generation review. If there was some sort of subscription plan, I’d be in.

One Response to “The beginning of a week without cable”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Sad thing, at least it isn’t your internet bitching at you that you have exceeded your download limit for the month. It is good that you have Foxtel, free to air is pretty hopeless in our country (Australia.) Top Gear is good, on nine/go and on BBC Knowledge as long as you don’t have repeats. Make sure that you record some more episode of something that you like (assuming you have iQ/iQ2) in advance. There is nothing worse than spending your free time on watching repeats or ads, or learning that HD takes a tonne of space to record onto the puny drive.

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