HandBrake: One Of My Favourite Applications

Some of you may have heard of the application HandBrake. Available on both Mac and Windows, HandBrake is an extremely handy, and easy to use, video converter. With a whole load of programmed presets it’s as simple as clicking a few buttons to convert any movie into a file type of you choice, that be played on your iOS device, mobile phone, Playstation, etc. However, my favourite part of this application is that you are able to rip DVDs into different file types. It is extremely cool that with a few clicks, you can stick your favourite DVD onto you iPod or whatever.

It is also a clever way of backing up you DVD collection, particularly home videos. Having the digital copy also makes it easy to share you home videos with family and friends. All in all, this is a brilliant, and very convenient, application.

To find out more or download HandBrake visit their website at http://handbrake.fr/

2 Responses to “HandBrake: One Of My Favourite Applications”
  1. Hamish says:

    Handbreak ❤

  2. Ducknose says:

    Handbrake is AWESOME!! but seriously, it is. Very handy to convert DVDs that you may have lying around the home or even DVDs that your friends might let you borrow 😉 I tend to copy the video_ts folder to my hard drive before i convert as it allows me to open it up with VLC or DVD player (mac) if it doesn’t go well. Make sure that you have enough hard drive space though; once you start, you can’t stop converting!

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