Playstation Move Review

All over the gaming industry, we’ve started to see motion controllers appearing everywhere. Really, we have to blame to Wii. Although the Wii’s graphics couldn’t compare with the Xbox’s and PS3’s, the revolutionary controller created millions of sales worldwide. But since then, Sony and Microsoft, have both recently released their competition.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a decent hands-on with Microsoft’s Kinect, but owning a PS3, I can tell you that Move  is pretty dam cool. Technically speaking, the Move controllers are far superior to the Wii equivalent. The Playstation Move controller packs a three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, a terrestrial magnetic field sensor and the Playstation Eye (included in the Playstation Move Starter Pack) tracks the colour changing globe located at the top of the device. In summary, that’s a lot of sensors, and unlike that of the Wii or the Xbox, this makes the Move controller very accurate. So accurate even, that when I first used it, I failed miserably. With the Wii, I never really had to try that hard, the controller just wasn’t accurate enough, but this is a completely different story with Move. For example, when I play tennis on a Wii, a normal swing may register as a backhand, but with the Move, I have to turn my body, and swing a backhand. I’m even able to direct the ball and put spin on it. I just find that amazing. It may take you a few moments to realise that you’re not just playing a game, but you need to consciously react to what’s happening on the screen.

I must point out that the Move controllers do have a few annoying calibration problems, but this is usually to do with the set-up you have and will vary from person to person. The problems are easily overcome, but can cause a bit of frustration at the time. I imagine though that future Playstation 3 system updates will make recalibration easier.

Even the the Move is fantastic, I can’t say the same about the software released with it. To be fair, I have only played one title released with the Move, but none of the other titles really stand out and have received poor reviews. The “Sports Champion” game I’ve played is good fun, but just doesn’t have the same style as Wii and Xbox. Where the Wii and Xbox are instant fun, the Move needs to grow on you more.

Cost wise, the Move is cheaper then Xbox Kinect, with the Starter Pack costing $99.95 AUD (RRP) . Sony have done a good job however, on sucking you in for added accessories you’ll want later on, with extra controllers, navigation controllers and charging stations all costing extra.

So, in summary, the Move is brilliant, and definitely worth the money. Although the software is currently not all that great, many new games are to be released this year, supporting the Move, some of which look really exciting. It obviously depends which console you own, but I’d say if you want instant fun, the Wii or Xbox would be better suited, but if you want something that, will be better down the line, then Sony’s Playstation Move would be for you.

Playstation Move Controller 8.5/10

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