Android on iPod touch 1G

Yes yes, I know what you’re thinking. Old news. Well, yes in a way you are right. ‘Planetbeing’ devised a way to do this months ago, and I stuck it on an old jailbroken iPod touch of mine, and I have to say it really isn’t ideal. I posted a video on it on youtube about a month or two ago, but to be honest I rushed it a bit, and it didn’t turn out the best, so i’ll talk about it more on here.

The process to put it on was fairly simple, and the biggest problem I ran into at first was the jailbreak, as I had used, which was not suitable for the open iboot thing and android. Instead you have to do a proper jailbreak, like a normal, non lazy person, but after you’ve done that you’re set to start. There’s an application for your mac out there called idroid (see the wiki here) and once you have that application downloaded, it guides you through the necessary steps to get android running on your iPod touch or iPhone. What I really like about the implementation of this is open iboot’s dual booting capabilities. It makes things so much easier, because using android on your iOS device, as cool as it is, it is extremely slow, and buggy, so more of a proof of concept, in my opinion. So yeah, check out the idroid wiki and try it on your device!

Check out my ancient video below 🙂

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