Mac App Store First Impressions

Not so long ago, Apple made active their new Mac App Store, and I’m impressed. With the iPhone App Store being so successful, recently reaching its 10 billionth download, it would make sense that Apple’s Mac division should have a crack at the same success. And they did. As a kind of taster of what to expect in 10.7, (Apple’s latest Mac OS that it to be released mid-year) they announced the Mac App Store, and Mac geeks got a bit excited.

Although the downloadable application is basically the same to the iPhone equivalent, it feels very familiar. The menus operate the same, the download works the same, and it will use your Apple ID to make purchases. However, there are a couple of very welcome differences. The Mac App store has a neat little “Purchases” tab at the top of the window, where you can view, and I guess re-download, purchased apps. When you do purchase an app it does this cool little hop onto your dock where you can see its download and installation progress. And of course, similar to that of the iPhone App Store, you can see available updates for your installed applications, collected together under the “Updates” tab.

Having used the Mac App Store for a couple of weeks now, I can say it is easy and familiar to use, and a great addition to the Mac. My hope is that this will make the Mac more developer friendly, and encourage developers to create more applications compatible with Macs.

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