PS3 Heat Freezing, Damaging Discs?

Everyone hates it when their equipment freezes, well it’s even more annoying as a gamer. I’m sure many will agree, that it is incredibly frustrating when you boot up your game, and the screen goes blank. Recently, I’ve experienced some strange freezing cases happening to two separate Playstation 3 consoles.

I’m not sure if it’s to do with the warm weather we’ve been having, but something strange has happened to the disc drives. On the first console, the game would not load and the console would freeze. When I rebooted the system and ejected the disc, there were strange markings on the disc, like fingerprints, but in mechanically created lines.

Oddly enough, another console in the same household played up. My brother was trying to load up his game , and would get half way through a series of menus before the screen froze. Surely enough, when the disc was ejected, it had similar markings on the disc.

Neither games (or consoles) were damaged or faulty afterwards, and I eventually got one working okay.  I’m not sure what it was, we’re incredibly carefully with our stuff, but if it has been caused by the weather, it could be that moisture has somehow got into the disc drive.

I will keep you updated (if I hear anything), I’ll let you know if it works tomorrow.

Drop us a comment if you know anything.


Both consoles seem to be working fine now and I still have no idea what caused it.

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