Dead Space 2 for iPad first look

A popular console game, Dead Space 2 was released on iPad last Tuesday. All I can say was I was very impressed. Often on iPad, youll get a whole bunch of games that attempt to be very involving and very graphics heavy, however ninety percent of them are lacking in stability, and a good story line. Dead Space 2 does not seem to be this way. Controls are just like you’d expect, however it does seem a lot like you are moving the world around you rather than the character around the environment. I got used to this fairly quickly however. It seems as if this game was made very well, it has yet to crash on me, and runs very smoothly even on my 4.3 beta iPad (which is rarely the case) I’ll leave a full review to Ewan, or possibly myself later on but that’s all I’ve got time to write now. Definitely check it out on the app store, well worth the price, especially if you love chopping off space aliens limbs with saws and all that sort of stuff


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