The new PSP, codenamed NGP

Wow, two gaming related posts inside one day, didn’t think that would happen. So as you may have seen by now, Sony just unveiled its PSP 2, and it looks like a beast of a machine. A quad core ARM Cortex A9 processor, wifi, 3G, gps, a five inch touchscreen, and dual cameras, also with a rear touchpad, a brand new interface, two analogue joysticks, accelerometer, gyroscope and a compass. Yep, you just read, all of those things. No more UMD either, switched to the downloading method, like the PSP Go. The revamped user interface is to be called LiveArea, with a bunch more social networking features. All of this is set to come out by this holiday season, so get ready! I’d actually seriously want to have a look at one of these things myself, that sort of specs seems very intriguing, and even as much as I am loyal to mobile gaming on devices that run Android, iOS or any similar system, (due to the substancial numbers, and kind of games) I would still love to check this out, and give it a go.


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