When will we see FaceTime everywhere?

When Apple announce FaceTime, they made a very big point about how it had open API’s, and developers could incorporate it within their apps, however here we are, half a year later, and this has still not happened. Even though the amount of people I could facetime far outweighs that of my Skype contact list, I want more, because I know there could be more. at least 70% of my friends would have smart-phones, and let me tell you, a lot of these people are not exactly people to pick a phone based on it’s specs, so with an ever expanding smartphone community, why is that I still can’t FaceTime my Android using friends, or more importantly, my windows using friends. Imagine how much more popular it would be! I prefer FaceTime over Skype for a number of reasons, mainly being the quality of the call. Really, I am never going to be video calling ten people at once, Skype, I would much rather have a good quality FaceTime call, and the day my windows using friends can too, will be a good day.


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