My week (and a bit) without cable has ended!

So, after nine days, our Foxtel connection has finally started to work again, and I have to say, it was very much missed. I just don’t think the world is ready to ditch their cable connections just yet. My Apple TV has earned a place in my top 5 gadgets, this week has proven that, but as I have said in my previous posts, the pricing system is just not ready. Content wise, I’m happy, everything on the iTunes store, fits my taste, almost all of my favourite shows are on there, but I can’t justify myself spending 2 dollars every time I want to watch a tv show. Until I see a subscription iTunes service, I couldn’t ditch the cable box, as much as I really want to.


One Response to “My week (and a bit) without cable has ended!”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Maybe you should win lotto and let that pay for a huge spending spree; we can only dream of that. The apple TV looks to be a good media extender, stylish, small (relatively) easy to operate and $ for Apple. Did the media stream well from your mac? i.e. not much lag/stuttering. I would assume that g or n should be sufficient to handle the data.

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