Gift Plan for iPhone

App Store Essentials, they have never really revealed any ground breaking apps to me, however the other day while browsing the App Store, I did stumble accross a great application. This little app is called Gift Plan, and it does exactly what the name suggests, brilliantly. When you first open the app you are presented with a welcome screen, telling you how to add events, and all the other little things you need to do. There are five tabs in the app. One with a detailed calendar, showing all of your friends birthdays, anniversaries, and other events, the next is the ideas tab, we’ll come back to this one in a second. The occasions tab is where you do most of the input into the app. Tapping the plus button in the top right hand corner, you are brought to the ‘add occasion’ screen. You can import one new person, your phone contacts birthdays, or your facebook friends birthdays, which is a very nice inclusion, given that that is how I remember most of my friends birthdays (I know, I’m bad like that). In this example, I’m going to add a new person, just one, so I’ll go down and look for them in my contacts list. Lets take my friend Cass as an example. Click on the add new occasion button and you get the option of birthday, christmas, or anniversary. You can add your own if you like. Next you enter the date, so in this case I’ll put in her birthday. Pressing done takes you back to the occasions page, where your newly added person is placed, with a countdown to their birthday also. if you click on the person it takes you to a nice looking page with their contact picture full screen, and all of the details on the left side. From here you can add ideas (gift ideas), likes, sizes, and what you’ve already bought them. Coming back to the ideas tab, well yeah thats where the birthday ideas show up in one nicely condensed list. The shopping tab is basically a shopping list, and the more tab includes basic things such as developer details, “our other apps” links, and things like that.

The ease of use and stability of this app is brilliant. I will definitely be using this one for all of my gift shopping now. If you are the type to buy people presents, I’d highly recommend this app, at $3.99, it’s definitely worth it. Take a look!


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