Turtle Beach DPX21 (PX21) Review

After lots of effort, and an angry phone call to the delivery service, my Turtle Beach DPX21s finally arrived.

The DPX21 is a gaming headset made by the popular brand Turtle Beach, designed for PS3 but compatible with Xbox, PC, Mac and Home Theatre Systems. I’ve been using my set with my Playstation, and so far, it’s been fantastic. The DPX21s are actually Turtle Beach’s popular PX21 model, but come with the Ear Force 5.1/7.1 surround sound adapter.

The surround sound is brilliant, giving you 360 degree audio, and is perfect for hearing those sneaky enemies in FPSs. It is incredibly accurate as well. An explosion to the left of you, will sound like it’s to your left. A burst of gunfire behind you, will sound like it’s behind you. It can give you that slight advantage when you need it.

You cannot fault the sound of the headset. The base is deep, the surround sound rattles your head, it really deepens your gaming experience.

The headset of course had a crystal clear mic, that will work on the Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Skype, etc. Slightly down the wire, there’s also a control box for your volume, chat volume, expander, bass boost and mic mute. The headset also has Chat Boost, this cunning technology that boosts the volume of your chat when there the game becomes louder.

They are sturdy, but light, and comfortable enough for long play sessions.

The only problems I’ve had is balancing the sound and the long cabling, but neither are too difficult to manage.

All in all, the Turtle Beach DPX21 is a top-notch headset. Ideal for gaming, but also great for computers and movie watching.

Turtle Beach DPX21: 9/10

Note: You can buy the PX21 Headset separately without the Ear Force DSS Adapter (Surround Sound) but the DPX21 includes both.

To learn more about the Turtle Beach DPX21s, visit the Turtle Beach website at http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/ps3-gaming-headsets/ear-force-dpx21.aspx


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