5 Ways To Improve The Tumblr App

As an avid user of the blogging website Tumblr, a day or two after I made my account I decided to download the Tumblr iPhone app. When I got it, it was fantastic. It had the dashboard, I could post, and I could view and follow other Tumbloggers. But roughly 3 ½ months later, with a lot more experience with Tumblr, I believe the app could be a lot better. So here is five ways to improve the Tumblr iPhone app.

Make it more like the mobile version of the website.

Right now the mobile version of Tumblr is excellent. You can view your dashboard, view your blog, post, view posts you’ve made, view your followers and view people you’re following all with one touch of the screen. Unfortunately, only the first three of these options are available on the app.

Being able to ask and answer questions.

On neither the mobile site or the app can you answer your messages in your ask box, and it is quite confusing trying to ask someone else. If each blog had a bar at the top saying ‘Ask’ it would make it much easier, and having a section on the app for viewing your messages wouldn’t hurt one bit.

Edit Reblog Text

Sometimes when you reblog a photo, it has text from the last few people who reblogged it. On the computer, you are given the option to edit or delete it. This is useful if you don’t want whatever they have said on your blog. But this option does not feature on the app, and you have to put up with whatever the other Tumbloggers have said.


It would be fantastic if the Tumblr app could pprovide, even if minimal, the option to customize your blog from your iPhone. Even just being able to edit your info, about me and display picture would greatly increase the app. Thinking about it, how cool would a whole separate app be, with the sole purpose of customizing your blog on your phone?

Small Things

It would be cool if Tumblr could include some other, smaller features in their application, like having the radar, or the ability to change the colour and fonts of your dashboard. What about a guide which shows you some blogs which many of your followers are following?

All these things would really move the Tumblr app out of the ‘average’ category and into the ‘excellent’.


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