Motorola takes a sneaky shot at Apple with new ad campaign

“2011 looks a lot like 1984” being the catch phrase, Motorola has just come out with a brand new advert for it’s Xoom tablet. When I think about ads, and here a line like that, it brings to mind one specific advertisement, and if you’re as big a techy as me, it will probably bring to mind the same one for you. The ad starts out with a view of a planet, with white apple-ish earbuds on either side of it, with text depicting “one authority, one design, one way to work.” It then swings away from the planet, zooming through space with a bunch of specs that we expect to see in the Xoom, to finally arrive at a big red planet with the Motorola logo on it. The ad ends with the text “It’s time to live a free life.” To be honest, that red planet looks a bit klingony and threatening, and if I had to live a free life, it probably would have been on the green and blue planet that looked much like our own. Check out the commercial below, and also check out Apple’s that they were having a shot at beneath it.

(Sorry, embeding seems to be having some problems)

Motorola ad

Original Apple ad


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