“Okay, I admit I’m having fun now” -Edward

Once or twice a year in an Apple fanboy’s life, there is a big event. To be precise, a big nerd campout in the middle of shopping center, in the middle of the night, actually.

This time of year is coming around again, and to be honest, I’m starting to get pretty excited. Knock me all you like, call me a nerd, I couldn’t really give a crap. iPad and iPhone campouts are in my opinion more of a social event rather than a race to get the new device first. So, as you tech enthusiasts who are reading this blog must agree, most people around your school, workplace or home are not very tech savvy at all, and you never have nobody to discuss the week in tech news with. An Apple campout is the opposite of this. It’s like a total nerd-fest. Everybody there will know what iOS is, what an A4 processor is, what the best websites for information are, and everybody has a twitter, a facebook or (hopefully not) a myspace, allowing you to connect with fellow nerds after the campout. When you attend an event like this, you spend all those hours talking to people who are generally interested and knowledgeable with the topic. You have no Android trolls, nobody getting bored of the completely nerdy conversations your having, and in almost all cases, nobody who doesn’t really want to be there, because hey, if they didn’t, they’d order online right? Call me crazy, but I’m excited for this campout, and here at Technoladget we’re going to bring you all the information you could want, center opening times, good ideas, and any other information you could possibly need, right here, so be sure to check it all out. Bellow I have an extract from an ancient blog I used to do ages ago, so excuse my bad writing skills and gramatical inaccuracies.

Written hours after the iPhone 4 campout of 2010:

So people, last night (this morning) was pretty dam awesome. I awoke, at 3:30 AM and started browsing the forums to get a feel of what it was like up there. (if i were allowed to, I would have been there at 9 o clock) It was three-thirty, and I decided I better get something to eat before I left. I broke into the un-lit side of the pantry, to get some tiny teddies. By the time I’d finished stuffing around, it was about quarter to 5. I made the five minute silent walk to the front door, and then left the building. I mounted my bike, and made the ride up to “shoppo bro!”

It was about 5 when I got there. The line was set up near ANZ around coles at doncaster, and was freaking huge already. I was about a hundredth in the line. At about 5:30 the security guards escorted us to the apple store, and there we were to wait. I was around the corner a bit, but I didn’t realise until later, i was very far up in the line. It went back around the corner about 3 quarters of the way to coles!

The line was getting truly epic, and it was defientely the longest line I have seen in my life. Just before we left the area near ANZ, I met up with these two guys, the front two in the above picture actually. Later on, in the line, I met a guy called Edward, who was camping out to grab some to re-sell. He works at Next Byte. At the start, Ed was saying how he couldn’t beleive he was doing this [camping out] and later on in the morning, he’s like “Okay, I admit I’m having fun now,” He was very right. It is a very fun experience for Apple nerds like me, just chilling and talking to any of the hundreds of waiters. It’s all great fun, and you meet a lot of people.

By 9:30 we were in. They were letting people in surprisingly slowly, and I think some guy lost his job for it, cause he was late (not an apple employee). I was in then, and man, the new iPhone, is freaking insane. I’m gonna try and talk about it as un-biastly as possible, but it is very very good. One of the first things I tried was to death-grip it, and I didn’t lose one bar at all. So, that wasn’t a problem, and scored me a free case. It feels very good in your hands, really, really solid feel. I next tried the camera, which is a vast improvement to the old ones. I did a speed test, and in the time it took my iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0.1 to open the camera app, I had opened it on the iPhone 4, and taken a picture, and was on the way to the start of a video. Next, the retina display. Be warned, it makes your old phone’s screen look like a peice of crap. Apple stated you could not discern the pixels in the screen, and bloody hell were they right. It was all just so smooth and nice. I loved it. The only fault I think the device had that would majourly affect me, (majourly in this not even being major) was the fact that some of the none updated iPhone apps look the tiniest bit pixelated on the retina display, and I mean you can barely even notice it tiny, iPhone 3G tiny.

One Response to ““Okay, I admit I’m having fun now” -Edward”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Interesting article there Hamish. Do you still have the url for your old blog? as I would like to check it out.

    Hope your iPad 2 “camp out” goes according to plan and that it isn’t going to be released at 5pm. 🙂

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