Hamish’s top five gadgets and why

Today I was thinking, if I were to have a top five gadget list, what would be in it, so I thought about it some more, and came up with a list. So in order from fifth best, to best, here it is.

Number 5:

My fifth best gadget would have to be my second generation Apple TV. The reason I chose this was it’s ease of use and helpfulness when it comes to entertaining. I have my friends over a lot, and we hang around in my room. Getting music playing is as simple as navigating to my library and pressing play. A real winner when it comes to home entertainment.

Number 4:

My Etymōtic hf2 earbuds. These earphones provide brilliant sound quality, and almost a perfect seal. Their upgrade to custom fitted earbuds is great, and at $100 it’s quite a bargain too. The fashion at the moment seems to be the big over-head headphones, and I know a lot of people are very fond of them, including my friend and fellow technoladget writer Ewan, but in my opinion, these little deep in-ear earphones (or canal phones as they have been dubbed) provide the perfect sound quality.

Number 3:

RedEye IR blaster. This little device is a great piece of hardware, basically turning your iPhone into a remote control for your tv. You can purchase a little piece that plugs into your headphone jack which sends out IR signals, or you can get the one we have which is like a little box you place in front of your TV setup. This little box connects to your wifi and receives comands from the app which accompanies it. It comes with a whole bunch of input features like shaking, sliding, etc, which you can program to pause, play, change the channel, and all the other things you want to do while watching the tv, sadly however, this does not include getting you junk food from the fridge, I think that’s understandable though.

Number 2:

Drobo raid storage array. Basically the name says it all, this hard drive set up is of the raid kind, with four drive bays that can take a maximum of four TB in each. Four by four TB of storage equals a whopping 16 TB, quite a lot for an average home computer. This is brilliant for storing capture scratch, final cut clips, and all the rest of the stuff that I need for my editing work, as that sort of thing can generally take up a lot of space.

Number 1:

My iPad. I don’t really know how much I have to explain what an iPad does, but I can give reason for why it is my number one gadget. It’s georgeous 9.7″ capacitive touch screen is amazing for viewing music, browsing the web, and getting my school work done. I can stream media too it, do all of my school projects on it, and play some truly awesome games, such as Dead Space 2 which I reviewed earlier last week. I can fit tons of movies on there, and browsing through my music on it is really quite breathtaking. It is a remote control for my Apple TV, I can VNC into my iMac and do things, the list goes on. Hopefully the second version of this device brings even more impressive things I can do with it, and as Ewan said in his post, I’ll be queuing up for it anyway.

Honorable mention:

iPhone 4. My iPhone is truly awe-inspiring. It does everything I need it to do, and it does it brilliantly. The reason I didn’t include it in my top five gadgets is that I just don’t think it is as staggering as the others. It does everything brilliantly, but the iPhones before it did a similar thing. What I wanted to include where things in a category of their own. Don’t get me wrong, my iPhone is like a missing limb. You will never find me without it in my pocket, unless I am sleeping, or in the shower.

So yeah, there we go. I think all of these devices are truly iconic, and without them I would be at a loss. They make your life easier, as any gadget does, however I think these five plus the honorable mention at the bottom do the best job of it.


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