iPad 2: What I’d Like To See

Here are a few couple of things I’d like to see from the new iPad, expected to be released this year.
There has already been much speculation (and evidence) suggesting that the iPad 2 will have front and rear cameras, which would be great to see. However, I don’t want to see, cheap, low quality cameras thrown in, just so Apple can upgrade them later on. I want to see good quality cameras, able to take good pictures and support clear video calls.
I’d also like to see greater connectivity with your computers as well. Been able to view, edit, copy and store any file over your wi-fi, would be very nice and very useful. I can’t imagine this would be too hard to achieve either.
Operating System
I’d also like to iOS shaken up a bit as well. Sure Apple have cruised for a couple of years now with their software, but Android is catching up very quickly, Symbian^3 not so quickly, but still catching. Maybe some new UI features, and organization and menu options would be cool and customization features are aways welcome.
Hardware Upgrades
It’s fairly obvious that the iPad 2 will have some hardware upgrades, but just what will be added to it? I’m hoping the new iPad will be faster, more powerful, and a Retina display screen. Some new ports would be great too. I’d like an SD card slot and USB port, and if it’s up to it, a HDMI port would be amazing.
It’s a bit too much to ask for a disk drive and slide-out qwerty keyboard, but I will be queuing up for that iPad when it’s released.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
4 Responses to “iPad 2: What I’d Like To See”
  1. Hamish Prior says:

    I will be queing up too! We can do a live blog of the campout ūüėÄ haha

    • ewanroxburgh says:

      I probably won’t be queuing up for the iPad 2, but when an iPad comes out with a slide-out qwerty keyboard and disk drive, I’ll queue up for that one.

      • Hamish Prior says:

        For me the keyboard would have to be bloody good, and slide out on a good angle. However I could see the disk drive being a useful addition, especially if i could swap it out for a big hard drive like I could on a MacBook. It would add weight and thickness though, IMO

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