Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones Review.

For Christmas the thing I most wanted was a pair of over the ear headphones, and I got them in the form of the Sennheiser HD 201s. Now, just over a month later, and with more experience with other types of headphones, I can properly write this review.

To look at, the Hd 201s look pretty cool. They’re sleek and smooth, a look as if they would feel great on your head. Which they do.As well as the comfy leatherette padding on each ear, there is another padding on the band of the headphones, so it feels really great on your head as well as your ears.

They headphone have a joint between the band and the ears as well, which means the can turn slightly on your head, meaning that they pretty much stick to your ears. You can also extend the headphones an extra 3-4 centimeters if you have a big head.

As for sound quality, it is fantastic. I tried Arctic Monkeys, Pendulum, a radio podcast, Panic! At The Disco, James Blunt, Rage Against The Machine and Kanye West in them, and they all sounded incredible, especially the last three. The bass is pretty good, but not as good as more expensive headphones. I’ve tried Dr Dre’s Monster Beats headphones and the bass was better, but the HD 201s bass is surprisingly good, especially if you turn it right up.

The major flaw of the Sennheiser HD 201s is the length of the cord, measuring a little over 3 metres, not coiled. Unless you keep it tied up in your pocket, it pretty much means you can’t take it walking or something like that. Still, it sounds great watching a movie or playing video games, and you can still sit far away from the TV.

Overall, the Sennheiser HD 201s were definitely worth the top place on my Christmas list. I give the a solid 8/10


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