Ewan’s Most Anticipated Games of 2011

I know we say this every year but, this is going to be a big year for gamers. With a number of big name games to be released, there are a few I’m particularly interested.

Killzone 3

I am a shooter fan, and even though I’ve never played a Killzone game before, this one looks pretty cool. I’ve watched a stack of Beta gameplay images and it’s looks quite fast and fun. I’ve also read in the paper that it will have 3D visuals and Move compatibility, making it one of the most realistic shooters ever. With the Open Beta being released on the Playstation Store tomorrow, I’ll be able to give it a proper go.

Infamous 2

I’m a big fan of the first Infamous. The gameplay was addictive and the open-world environment was great fun for exploring. Infamous 2 looks more or less the same but with a few extra bits added on. The camera comes in close  melee combat, and you can use new car throwing powers to fend of nasty looking bosses.

Crysis 2

When the first Crysis came out on PC, I read lots, and lots about it, but unfortunately, I was too young to get the game. But now, Crysis 2 is within reach. The visuals look superb, and the gameplay reminds me of Mirror’s Edge. It will be interesting to see what people make of that when it is released.

Uncharted 3

Uncharted, one of the best selling PS3 games comes back this year. Although not much has been announced about the game, just the whisper of his gun-weilding, rope-swinging adventures gives us a little skip in our step.

Battlefield 3

Sorry, but images on Battlefield 3 are hard to find. They've kept information close to their chest. It's not officially known that it will get released this year.

The sequel to the PC multiplayer smash has been anticipated for the past few years now, but it is hoped to be released this year. Luckily enough, I got my hands on the Limited Edition of Medal Of Honor which includes an invitation to the Battlefield 3 Beta, released 12 months after MOHs October 10th release. With DICE, the Swedish EA developer, producing many games this year, I’m curious to see how they will compete with the Call Of Duty franchise and push the boundaries of their own Bad Company franchise.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I’ve only played Elder Scrolls Oblivion briefly, but no other medieval fantasy game has interested me this much. I do believe that it will be an open-world RPG where slaying beasts and completing quests are all in a days work.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

With so many shooters to be released this year, it is obvious that Call Of Duty will need to shake things up again, and what a way to do this by introducing a new developer team. After the ousting of Infinity Ward, Activision handed over their Call Of Duty franchise to their newly established Sledgehammer project. I’m looking forward to seeing what Sledgehammer do differently to revitalize the franchise.


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