iQuiet Tricks

Whether you iPodding late at night or secretly checking your Facebook at school, there are a couple of tricks I’ve picked up to keep you iPod Touch (or iPhone or iPad) use quiet.

Tip 1

Of course using you headphones or having the volume right down is a key measure. If you do use your headphones though, make sure you don’t have your volume up too loud, considering there may be sound leakage.

Tip 2

Don’t bash you screen! Be gentle with it. Be conscious that some screen protecters can make louder swiping and sliding noises then the actually screen.

Tip 3

You can disable certain sounds, like keyboard clicks and locking clicks in you settings. I’d recommend doing this.

Tip 4

Be careful when plugging in or removing headphones as it can make a loud click.

Tip 5

Clicking the home button can be quite noisy as well. One way to reduce noise is too press the home button with you fingernail just on the edge. This takes some practise, but is a useful technique. Silicon cases that cover the home button also reduce noise.


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