Prezi for iPad review

If you are unaware of what Prezi is, let me give you a short explanation. Prezi is a powerful slide show creating tool, incorporating awesome transitions, and camera sweeps around a vast space in which all of these slides reside. It really is a cool little thing, and will generate a large amount of interest in any slide show you are doing. Just recently, Prezi Inc. Released an iPad app to work with it’s web based slideshow creating app I described before, so let’s take a look.
The app is a great addition to it’s other component. It allows you to view all of your saved Prezi’s which are presented in a nicely laid out list. Beyond this however, things start to get a little messy.
Downloading of a normal size Prezi presentation for viewing on your computer takes a matter of seconds, on the iPad however, this is not the case. Getting one Prezi ready for presentation takes about two to three minutes to load up, if it does at all.
Another thing I wish the app could do was create presentations on it. I believe at the current time it is an Adobe Air based web app, which means it ain’t gonna happen on my iPad when it comes to creating a Prezi, even in it’s mobile Safari browser. They have done such a good job on their controls and layout on the computer, I wish they could bring that to the iPad app also.
Apart from it’s speed issues, the app is generally stable, and barely crashes at all. I do wish I could create presentations in it, however just being able to view presentations makes it a great addition to it’s web based counterpart.

I’d give Prezi for iPad a 6 out of ten

Check out Prezi on your computer here and for your iPad here

2 Responses to “Prezi for iPad review”
  1. Steve P. says:

    Hello Hamish.

    Prezi desktop is an Adobe Air app not Flash. Equally not supported on an iPad though.

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