ACS/Etymōtic custom fit earbuds review

So as you guys may remember from my post yesterday, today is my birthday, and I have finally turned 14. So far I’ve been having a great day, and returning this afternoon from my friends tennis match, I found a parcel waiting on my bed.

I tore open the bubble wrap parcel that awaited on my bed, hoping it would be exactly what it was. My Etymotic custom fitted earbuds had finally arrived. Including a little pouch to keep them in, some lubricating cream and some other little tool that does god knows what, I felt pretty cool as I slid the earbuds on to my current hf•2 earphones. You might recall my previous post, just after I got my ears moulded, so go ahead and check it out here. Incase you haven’t already figured out, I’m much more of a deep in ear earphone type than a big overhead headphone type.


Anybody who owns any sort of deep in ear set of headphones will know that comfortability is a huge matter, and can mean the difference between a brilliant pair or a horrible pair. When you have an earbud that is tailor fitted to your own ear canal, you forget you are even wearing them. It’s like you can sense something sitting in your ear, however it’s nothing like the standard ones which tend to feel like a big, sharp point has been stuck in there. Okay not that bad, but having something like that in your ear for an extended period of time get’s pretty un-comfortable. With something that is suited to you and only you, this is not a problem at all, and as I said before it feels like you are not even wearing them, more of a slight pressureing sensation in your ear.

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation also plays a huge part in what makes or breaks a pair of in ear headphones. When I put on a good pair of earphones I expect to hear nothing but the music playing, and these earbuds live up to that statement extremely well. Not only when music is playing, but even without it playing I still can’t hear anything. As I sit here writing this review now, with my new earbuds in listening to music, the only way I can tell that somebody is behind me is by detecting the vibrations in the floor of them walking. I think these would be a great companion to any frequent traveler, as I can imagine they would block out almost all aircraft engine noise, which I know from experience is a huge pain.

Audio Quality

With such a large increase in noise isolation and comfort, the audio quality significantly increases also. It’s still the same little speaker behind the earbuds, but I think only now have I realised it’s full potential. Bass is a dream, especially with a seal as good as I get on this. Until you have listened through headphones like these you have not listened to a song in full. There is so much more in almost all songs that in most cases you can not even notice, like little instruments playing in the background of songs, etc.

Wrap Up

ACS have done a great job with these earbuds. They are comfortable, great at isolating sound, and all round a great little accessory to my Etymotic earphones. It seems we cover headphones, earphones and audio equpment so much these days, but these little things wer definetly worth reviewing. For a $100 upgrade, I’d highly recommend it, especially to somebody who really likes good audio quality, comfort and noise isolation.

I’d give my ACS/Etymōtic custom fit earbuds a score of 9/10

5 Responses to “ACS/Etymōtic custom fit earbuds review”
  1. Andrew Chapman says:

    I’m a little dubious about anything that requires “comfort cream” 🙂

    • Hamish Prior says:

      Fair enough, I think though this much like the ear buds themselves is very specific to your ears. Personally I have no use for it, however apparently reading around online lots of people do need it. You have a point

  2. Jon says:

    Good review. I had my molds done today. Hope I get them as fast as you did.

    p.s. I can’t believe you’re only 14. You write and seem more intelligent than most 14 year olds.

    • Hamish Prior says:

      Thanks Jon. That’s awesome, I hope they come quick for you too.

      Thanks! If you want to check out more of our new content we have moved on from wordpress and are using Squarespace now, the URL will take you to our current site. We did an upgrade a couple months ago but the wordpress one is still active at the same time, just with the on the end 🙂

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