One Of My Favourite Apps – Trenches

There are many shooting games on the App Store, many strategy games on the App Store, and many cartoon games on The App Store. Trenches combines them all.

You play as either the British or the German in WW1, and must start from one end of the map, and make your way across numerous trenches to reach and destroy the enemy’s base, all the while being attacked by waves of enemies. It sounds like a violent first person shooter, but really it is a 2D, cartoon-style strategy/action game. It is also quite funny. For example, it states the British strengths as “Bangers and Mash” and the German’s as “Jerrymandering”. Plus all the troops have hilarious handlebar moustaches.

There are four kinds of soldiers to play as; Rifle Men, Sniper, Machine Gunner and Mortars. You can also use artillery fire and deadly gas to wipe out your opponents.

The game has two campaigns, the British and German, which are extremely fun, each with three levels of difficulty. If you get bored of that, there is Skirmish, which is just like a custom game, and online multiplayer, which I haven’t tried. I presume it would be like Skirmish, only both sides are controlled by people.

There is also a tutorial, called “Boot Camp” in the game. But if you are not sure how to play pr even want to play before you buy the game, there is a separate “Boot Camp” app for free.

Also, a new Trenches app has been released called Stenches. Following the recent trend, it is exactly the same, except instead of fighting humans with guns, you are fighting wave after wave of the undead. This is still worth your $1.19, as it also has three game modes: Waves, where you simply must survive as long as possible, Distance, where you must fight your way as far across the map as you can before dying, and Multiplayer, which I didn’t get to play either, seeing as I couldn’t find a match, but it seems like it’s co-op play.

I recommend Trenches to anyone who loves easy, fun gameplay, with regular updates and lots of extra features.


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