Jamie’s Favourite Mindless Entertainment Apps

We’ve all seen the Entertainment section of the Apple app store. There’s TV Guides, movie soundboards, stupid quizzes, magic tricks, gaming guides and funny-photo editing apps galore. But what I think there is the most of is mindless entertainment apps. Apps which require no knowledge, no effort and often no money, usually are just for fun with your mates, and only get one or two tries. Example; an app where you roll toilet paper off a toilet paper roll.

So here are my favourite mindless entertainment applications.

Zippo Lighter

If you have no lighter but want one which doesn’t actually set fire to anything or feels hot, look no further than Zippo Lighter. You can open up your lighter, ignite it with your finger, wave it around, and most importantly, change the skin of your lighter.


Haven’t ordered any fragile packages lately? Well don’t worry, your bubble wrap needs can be filled with this app. And that’s all it is. Popping bubble wrap. You can also try and get as many in a certain timeframe and then attempt to beat your highscores.


If you haven’t got Call Of Duty, are interested in guns, or planning to kill someone, then GunApp is the app for you. With over “36 highly detailed weapons, ranging from M16’s to Nuclear Weapons”, and each with their own description, the is the only app for the real gun fanatic.


Don’t worry, you can’t get drunk using this app, and it definitely won’t change your breathalyzer test, but this amusing little creation is still quite fun. It’s basically just a virtual drink. It fills up, tilt it to move it around, and tip it upside down to empty it. Other drink packs, each cost a few dollars, include Milk, and Champagne.

Star Wars Lightsaber Duel

If you don’t have a plastic lightsaber, a real sword, or a real lightsaber, then this is the app for you. The app for an Star Wars fanatic, you basically swing your lightsaber around and it makes funny lightsaber humming and swooshing noises. Add the ability of changing your lightsaber colour and base and you have at least a few minutes of fun.

Paranormal State EMF Detector

The strange bumps in the night will go mysterious no more, with this app. It scans the area, and tells you if there is paranormal activity near you! Now you can be sure that your antique chair, new house, or grandma isn’t haunted! It also has a funny manual option, using your thumb to change the rating and scare your friends.


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