Which Web Browser? Try RockMelt

With so many internet browsers available, which one is the best to use when surfing the web?

We want a web browser that is fast, looks sleek and has all the features we require.


I predominantly use Safari. It fast, reliable and has everything I need. It’s appearance is good, but may not match the rest of your theme unless you use a Mac. I must admit that I’m not a big fan of the bookmarking system that Safari has, and the bookmarks bar doesn’t show site icons. This does mean that you can have more websites on your bar.

I’ve also used Googles Chrome a fair bit as well. I’m not sure what version I was using, but it wasn’t all too different from Safari. The one specially cool thing Chrome did was that you could change the theme of your browser through the Google site. I believe Chrome also showed site icons in the bookmark bar.

The other day, I was introduced to a new Browser, currently in Beta form, called RockMelt. RockMelt looks like a Chrome build, its appearance is very similar. What RockMelt does though is that it syncs with your Facebook, displaying friends online in a side bar on the left. Clicking on your friend brings up a little pop up where you can write on their wall, send a message, add them as a favourite, read their last post and start a conversation. You can also drag the pop up out, to make it a separate window. In a right side bar, you can set up RSS feeds from you favourite windows and once again, you can view the webpage and detach into a separate window. The bookmark system is basically the same as Chrome but there is a “Share” button to share your current webpage with Facebook. You can also change your theme as well.


Although I’ve not played around with many mobile browsers, my favourite would have to be Opera 10. I like the top site bookmark thing that opens up on every new window and it seems to be fairly quick at loading up web pages, depending on your connection speed of course. Safari for iOS devices is perfectly fine as well.


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