Brush Buddy iOS app review

A couple days ago technoladget was sent a promotional copy of a brand new app for iPhone called Brush Buddy for reviewal.

The app does pretty much what the name suggests. A tooth brushing helper app. Something that some may laugh at, yet to a lot of people this app is the kind of app where you sit there and think “man, why didn’t I think of that?”

The app opens to a simple blue screen, with a timer up the top and a big green ‘Brush!’ button down the bottom. Tap the brush button, and your Brush Buddying begins. So people say you should brush for 3 minutes right? The default timer is 3 minutes, and when you press brush the timer begins, yet with a great little feature that appears in the middle of the screen. Quite often I find myself brushing the same few teeth for the full length of time. This app shows you which teeth to brush, for how long, curing my continuos problem of as I said before, brushing the same teeth constantly.

You can change the length of the timer to two or four minutes (from three) for your tooth brushing, and optionally set a mouth wash timer. That’s about all there is to it with this app. It is a very simple little app that only does a couple of things, but really I think the developer has covered all bases. Multi-tasking might have been nice, so like, you could be brushing your teeth while surfing facebook, and then like, change what section of your teeth your brushing when you hear the little sound, but if you were that obsessed with using your smartphone while you brush your teeth I think there might be some problems.

Overall I give Brush Buddy a 9/10. It does everything it says nicely, runs smoothly and covers everything you’d expect a toothbrushing app to cover. One thing which might have been nice though would be a more fine timer time selection, but again that could be getting a bit fussy, and would probably end up with me slacking off with my tooth brushing.

Jamies opinions coming soon!

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