Keypad Pro review

So recently we here at Technoladget we were sent two promotional codes to an app called Keypad Pro, so myself and colleague Ewan could review it.

Let me just start with this. I am a Final Cut editor, and this app is a dream for your editing workflow. I have always wanted to be able to customize buttons into more easily available locations, and Keypad pro brings exactly this ability.

You are presented with a lovely view of all your different Keypad keyboards (note my incredibly basic feature image of my final cut one), which is a really great idea considering the fact that a lot of the time you could have different apps you want different keyboards with. You can also purchase pre-customized¬†keypads with nice layouts and functionality, if you don’t want to create your own.

If any of you know how to add your own custom key-commands on a mac, the process on Keypad pro is very similar. First you add a button. You can drag the button around the gridded canvas space you have, and once you have decided on a spot, you then tap on the button to bring up the main menu that you use to edit it’s properties and functions. You can chose from various types of buttons, like sliders, dials, etc, or change the colour to one that seems appropriate. Tap the functions tab along the top to edit the real guts of the button. Basically you select the keys you would normally press to execute the same key comand on a keyboard, and then just press out of the little pop over. Tap done and give your button a try.

I really like the opportunites this app brings to me. I am terrible at remembering things, key commands included, so being able to stick a very useful key command into a little button on a touch screen makes life a whole bunch easier while editing.

This app does a very simple job, however a brilliant job that so many others have failed to do. Anybody who uses any sort of pro app, or wants something to make their average use easier, get this app.

I’d give Keypad Pro an 8/10

Ewan’s Opinions

In pretty much every way, I agree with Hamish.

I found the app easy to work my way around and connecting it to my computer was a breeze.

It took me a while to figure out how to use all the buttons, but once I did, I was blown away by how useful this app can be.

It supports everyone from professionals that know exactly what they want, to the average joe who is just a bit lazy the hold down the shift button.

My only complaints would be that it crashed a few times, I’d like more keyboards available for download and clear instructions would be nice (but I’m terrible with instructions). On the whole though this is a very good app and worth the download.

I’d give KeyPad Pro 7.5/10


Two images in post from Keypad developers website, featured image our own

5 Responses to “Keypad Pro review”
  1. Steve P. says:

    if you’re reviewing an app you should provide a link to the product’s web site or iTunes page, especially if you’ve been provided with promo codes. It’s also polite to note who the developer is and link to their company site. If you use iTunes links you can sign up with Apple as a referrer and they’ll pay you commission if readers follow your iTunes links and purchase the item.

  2. Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

    • ewanroxburgh says:

      We’ve written the review ourselves, but the photo’s are sourced from the developers site, linked at the bottom of the page.

      • ram says:

        Dont u realize the above post is a spam for “Jamboree In The Hills” (whatever that is)…. must be a generic comment they copy/paste into many blogs.

  3. Ro says:

    Great review keep it up!

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