Tap DJ Review

No one can deny that pretending to be a DJ is awesome fun. With the rocking headphones, some slick dance moves and lots of loud music, you can feel like your halfway to becoming a pro. But for novice DJs like me, a proper set up can seem daunting and expensive, plus it looks really complicated.

This is where Tap DJ comes in.

Tap DJ is a simple to use DJ applications that fits in you pocket and is packed full of features to bring out you inner DJ.

Pressing the little eject buttons allows you to load music direct from you music library. Finding the song you want is too easy using the Uploads, Playlists, Artists, Songs and Albums tabs. You can also choose from a whole bunch of pre-loaded samplers, choose from your own voice recordings and even explore featured tracks, the top tracks and top mixes over the web. This is pretty cool to see what music people are playing with and download them using the link to the iTunes store.

Once you have you music playing, the box in the middle tracks the volume of the track. At the top, there is a song progression bar and a timer. There is a pause/play button beneath the rotating discs and the two sliders on the left and right control the volume and speed. A slider in the middle allows you to gracefully mix the two tracks or switch from one or the other.

At the bottom is a button which open ups a draw where you can select some FX, change the EQ and bring in some loops.

A button in the bottom left corner enables you to select from a bunch of of samplers which you can edit to make sure your favourites are always on hand. Clicking on the button in the bottom right hand corner lets you share your mix with the social webs, record a mix, record your voice and access your equipment. Although there isn’t much currently in the equipment box apart from a couple of themes, there is a message to “stay tuned” for more.

Tap DJ is a must have for anyone that loves listening to music. The controls are self-explanatory and look brilliant. You can basically download the application, and instantly get going. I should also mention you can scratch the discs as well. Pretending to be a DJ suddenly got a whole lot more real.

Tap DJ for iPhone and iPod Touch: 9/10

Download it here!

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