Okay, so I’m a bit of a soccer fan, and being able to use my iPod for soccer games and reading soccer results is pretty cool. But which apps are the best to use?

Soccer News

On my iPod, I mainly use Premier League Sportacular for English Premier League news and Football Now for A-League news.

I really have not tried many different soccer apps though, these two were both free, and I’m sure there will probably be better paid ones out there.

However, Premier Leaguer Sportacular does do it’s job and does it well. You can check the fixtures, tables, news, info on the clubs and set alerts.

Football Now is much more simple, just displaying past and future games, the table and news. Once again though, it serves it’s purpose nicely.

On terms of live scores, the Live Score app simply takes the feeds from their website, and keeps you up to date on scores from games all over the world. It doesn’t only to soccer as well, with there being a few other sports to choose from.

I think that if your willing to spend a few bucks, I’d shop around, but as far as free soccer apps go, these three preform well.

On my phone, a Nokia N8, I have a sometimes brilliant soccer app, ESPNSoccernet. Again, it’s free and it has a widget function that displays upcoming games, with the team logos, date and time. You can choose from a decent selection of countries and leagues, and can set a favourite team. When the schedule works (notice the word “when”) it is awesome. You can select to play this little things that shows every attempt on goal, who had it and whether it was blocked, on target or a goal. It is very cool. There’s of course written commentary and match info as well. Unfortunately though, the sometimes the info isn’t there and trying to find the game you want can end up taking you right back a few months ago. These hiccups can be frequent, but when it works, it trumps my iOS apps (noting this is a Symbian^3 app).

iOS Soccer Games

Over the past couple of years I have played many soccer games on my iPod, my two favourites being X2 Football 2010 and FIFA 11.

FIFA 11 has an absolute stack of clubs and teams, as well as players from all over the world. I suppose FIFA 11 is more realistic and slightly trickier then X2 and there are a few more options and setting to tinker with.

X2 though has much better controls, fluidity and better team management. It has a similar amount of teams and players but the commentary isn’t as good. On terms of graphics, both games are about equal.

X2 has multiplayer but FIFA currently doesn’t. The mulitplayer tab on FIFA says coming soon, but it has said this for a while now, and my hopes aren’t high.

Overall, I think my favourite would be X2 Football 2010, but it is close and it will differ from person to person.


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