My all round most used apps

So sometimes people make posts about their favourite iPhone apps, or Android apps but this time, I’m going to make a post about my most used apps, of any kind, from any platform.

Number 1.

Google Chrome

I think out of any app on any platform I use, Chrome is the one I use most. Think about it, when you hop onto your computer, what is one of the first apps you open? Your browser. My most used browser (at the moment) is Google Chrome. I used to be a massive safari user, yet over time it’s performance decreased, and all round went a little slow. I know there would be many ways to fix this, such as re-setting it, or re-installing it, however I thought maybe I should go for a different look at the web, and decided to go with Chrome.

Number 2.


So everybody loves their music, well most people anyway, and on a mac the best thing for listening to music would have to be iTunes.

Number 3.

iPod app on my iPhone.

Same use to me as iTunes, yet for my iPhone.

Number 4.


Text messaging, I do a lot of it. The iPhone app that comes on your iPhone does the job of that pretty well I must say.

Number 5.

Twitter for mac, iPhone and iPad

It’s a little weird now, I am actually almost never on the Twitter website. They have made apps that run like a dream on all my devices, so I just use them for all my tweeting needs.

Number 6.


Great included mac app for syncing and storing all your photos.

Number 7.

Facebook for iPhone

We’ve shared our opinions on facebook for iPhone before, basically that it is the most appalling app on the app store, but unfortunately I still am forced to use it. Especially when your a teenager like myself, Facebook is a huge part to your social life, so huge in fact, that to leave it would be like leaving a huge section of your social life to die. Being able to follow comment arguments, and lets face it (we all do it) stalk your crush on the go is essential to any user like myself. I still maintain my view on the app, however.

Number 8.

Engadget for iPhone

So, seeing as I actually write for technoladget, I am almost never reading it. My peer’s articles are great, and always a good read, but seriously why would I spend time on my own site that I write for, when I could be reading other people’s news? Engadget is a really great source for tech news. They put on a great show called “The Engadget Show” and run a great podcast. Maybe they’re even as good as us   : P

Number 9.

Mobile Me web services

Mobile me definitely had a rocky start, really rocky actually, but this far in Apple have pretty much ironed out it’s flaws. iDisk is a particularly useful feature, I use it at school all the time. When teachers ask you to save something to your usb drive, you just save it to your iDisk. Having my contacts, calendars and email all constantly in sync too is also a big plus, allowing me to add a new event, create a new contact, send an email or locate my missing iPhone from almost any computer in the world.

Number 10.

iTeleport for iPad

Basically a killer VNC screen sharing app for iPad. You can log into any mac on your network and do things on it. Really comes in handy when I’m sitting in bed trying to find my library on Apple TV only to find I’ve quit my iTunes on the iMac. You just quickly log in and open it up, works great and does the job brilliantly. Also it’s pretty fun to log in while others are on it and screw around with the mouse, not that I do it or anything…

Basically that’s it for my most used apps. You’ll notice most of them are mac based, this is probably because I’m on my iMac doing more things than my iPhone or iPad, however I thought it would be good to include a whole variety of different apps from different platforms, so there you go. Another few that I thought I should mention would be 1Password, Espionage, EyeTV (very very awesome), Beejive IM for iPad and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit HD.

4 Responses to “My all round most used apps”
  1. evie says:

    this looks good hamish!

  2. Steve P. says:

    So maybe you should have an iPhone app. You’d just need to try and find somebody you know who’s an iOS developer. Or maybe you should also do a podcast

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