HTC updates Android devices

So as some of you techies would know right now the Mobile World Congress is in place, and HTC has just refreshed a bunch of their Android based phones.

The Desire S, Incredible S and Wildfire S have all been announced by HTC, bringing mainly new designs and a couple new features. The Desire S packs a Legend inspired unibody design, with the same sort of specs you’d expect in today’s average smartphone (1Ghz processor, 720p video recording, forward facing camera, etc, etc). The Wildfire S, much like the iPod Nano of this lineup. The phone targeted at more everyday, low use users, with a whole bunch of social features and color selections, the Wildfire S seems much the same as the previous Wildfire, however with a newer look and feel to it. The Desire S has a “contoured body that highlights the internal hardware components of the device” while providing features such as an 8 MP camera with dual flash, HD video recording and a 4-inch WVGA Super LCD display. The Wildfire and Incredible will ship with Gingerbread, and should be available to European markets by Q2 2011.


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