The Vicious Circle Of Facebook

Let me start this post with this. If you are a teenager like myself, and you don’t have facebook yet, don’t get it.

There are many aspects to a teenager’s social life, and living in the massive technological age that we do today, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and all those other social networking sites play a huge role in our social lives. The problem is, once you are on one of these sites, leaving one is like cutting off a social limb.

I have been on facebook since April 2009, kind of a late adopter if you really look at it, yet before this none of my friends really used it, so I didn’t really have any use for it. Eventually, I decided it would be necessary to join, and it was good at first. Back in those days Facebook actually had a half decent iPhone app, one that actually worked, compared to todays extremely buggy excuse for an app. Facebook also had a good layout of all it’s features, and ran generally well. After my friend list started to top about 200 though, things started to turn a little messy.

First of all, all the Farmville, Cityville, Mafiaville and I-have-no-life-ville requests and notifications started pouring in. No, I do not want to spend my hours fertilizing my fake crops on Facebook with you. Honestly that sounds like one of the worst possible uses for my time, ever. Next came chat.

I had never really needed to chat with anybody on facebook back in April ’09, most people I wanted to talk to still used MSN messenger (I know, wow). Facebook chat seemed like a feature nobody really used, at least to me anyway. As I said before however, as my good mates started to use Facebook more and more, they used MSN less and less, and there was only one option to chat with. Facebook chat. Facebook chat is like using a fridge to heat up your food. It just doesn’t work. You’ll be in the middle of typing this massive long peice of gossip to your best friend, and then bam, they’re offline. Yet the crappy thing is, they are almost certainly not offline, unless they said to you “sorry, g2g.” It has got to be almost as frustrating as their iPhone app. Now you’d be saying ‘why don’t you just use MSN, Yahoo, AIM or some other chatting service?’ The answer to that is, people just don’t, and the more people don’t, the less likely it is anybody (of my social age group that is) will start to use these services, or show any interest in doing so at all. That is also quite frustrating, the fact that nobody is moving from Facebook chat because they can’t be bothered, so we’re left with the same well bellow average service for our instant messaging.

Another thing that gets to me is all these kind of groups.

“Dear boys,
sometimes a girl just wants to wear her trackies, a hoodie. Throw her hair up in a bun, no makeup. Cuddle up under a blanket next to you. Sometimes we want to be accepted for who we are, we wish we didnt have to put on the mascara for school everyday, straighten our hair for 1 hour. And when we go out, we wear our best clothes.
But do you even notice what we do for you? No.”

People assuming things like this on Facebook is just sad. I am fully aware of how girls are all like this, I don’t judge them for being like that, or anything like these groups suggest all of us dirty horrible boys do. If your going to vent your depressing statuses or share your pessimistic assumptions to the web, at least use something like Tumblr or Blogger, basically something other than Facebook.

Even with all these annoyances, their crap iPhone app, weird flash games and bad chatting service, I’m still forced to use it, because as I said before, de-activating my account would be like de-activating a portion of my social life. I find that quite sad actually. The moral of the story is, as I said up the top, if you don’t already have Facebook, don’t get it, because it will suck you in and you’ll be forced to put up with it.

5 Responses to “The Vicious Circle Of Facebook”
  1. Ducknose says:

    Nice article. I love the first line and the ,”Don’t get it” part. I for one don’t have Facebook because i have enough passwords to remember and sometimes i don’t want to be contactable/reached/etc. It could be good for some aspects of my life but I am just too lazy and not bothered for these advantages.

  2. Mr_Bones757 says:

    Yeah, i do agree with you, Facebook is a bit of a waste of time – Especially those rubbish games, i know the creator and the people who play will disagree, and I’m sorry for that but when you think about it, most sensible people would prefer to play Battlefield or COD, much like me. And yes, some of the groups are pathetic and totally pointless!

    The thing is, i don’t understand why people don’t want to use the other chat networks such as msn. I am quite fond of my MSN console, especially since the release of MSN 2011. I love this program, especially its ability to link with Facebook chat as it rids me of the UI of Facebook, the chat windows are way too small.
    I for one, and i know Ducknose still use msn, we have frequent chats about all sorts of stuff, and many of my friends also use MSN. But lately, as we are getting older, i mention MSN and people look at me and go WHAT??? its really silly.

    As to the iPhone app you are talking about, i couldn’t say as i have nor an phone or an iPod touch, however, i intend to get an iPod Touch soon =D. Now that i have read the article through, i have realized just how much of a waste of time it is 😛

    Congrats on another good article.

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