What you didn’t know your iPhone could do

So I know a lot of you readers would have iPhones, iPod touches or iPhones. Some of you would know everything about them, but for a large majority of users, there are many features they did not know existed. In this post I will highlight some useful features and apps that make using an iOS device much more immersive and useful.

Use your iOS device as an external monitor

This is something I really love to do and do much more often than I thought I would. A great little app called Air Display makes this all possible. It basically turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into an external monitor for your mac or PC, and it works great! If you have a fast network the lag on it is very minimal, minimal enough it is perfectly usable as an external display, maybe just give watching video on it a miss.

Watch live TV

Something which I think is a killer feature of any iOS device is the ability to watch live TV on it. If any of you have heard of Elgato’s EyeTV, well that’s what I’m talking about. Anybody who has bought the mac accesorie and app can do this, and in my mind the high price tag is well worth it. The mac accessory is like an arial/coax port to USB converter. You plug the usb into your mac, and the app that accompanies the accessory makes it possible to view tv coming from the ariel you’ve plugged into the other side of the accessory. The mac app is also capable of streaming the live tv over your home network, which makes it’s iOS counterpart a killer accomplice, picking up the live stream and in turn allowing you to watch live TV on it. Really really cool, and guaranteed to impress all your friends!

Read the Bro Code

Any How I Met Your Mother enthusiast knows what the bro code is. The bible of bro’s, you might say. Get the bro code on the app store here.

Use voice comands

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. If you’re reading a tech blog and have an iPhone, you almost certainly know how to use voice commands with it, but the amount of my friends who didn’t know until I told them is incredible. Hold down the home button for about three seconds to bring up voice commands .

These are just some little things you may have not known you could do on your iOS device. There are so many little things, and just playing around with settings and different apps really opens things up to you. The great thing is with so many apps on the app store, you will probably never run out of interesting things to do, and apps to run.

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