The App Store on twitter today informed me of a really great little app called iTrivia. Any person who considers themselves a massive Apple nerd will love this app, and of course me being me,  I downloaded it right after reading the information on it. Being an Apple nerd comes with a sense of ‘I know of all things Apple’ and this app certainly will either put you back in your place or inflate that view even more. For me, it inflated that view even more.

The app is complete with rounds of ten questions, I am up to round seventeen twenty two, and being the massive Apple fanatic I  am, I have done well on most rounds.

The app has some great little phrases at the ends of each round. When you score ten out of ten it says ‘Is it you, Steve?’ or when you score 8 out of ten you get ‘You must be an Apple insider.” Little things like this really make the app great, and good to use. The background of the app looks just like an Apple keynote, with the same font and grey gradient they normally use. All of this with some suspensful music, and questions that even mac nerds like me can get wrong makes this app a really fun one to use! I’m hooked!

I give iTrivia an 8/10, check it out here

It’s also worth noting the app is a universal app, so should work great on your iPad too!

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