Why You Shouldn’t Jailbreak

In my time as an iPod touch owner, I couldn’t count the times I’ve heard “Oh, you should totally jailbreak your iPod!” Though I’ll honestly admit I’ve been tempted; I mean, who wouldn’t? Customization to your iPod/iPhone, cool features, and free apps? But I’m writing this to tell you why you definitely should not jailbreak.

1. It can brick your phone/iPod

When installing the jailbreaking software, there is a chance you can completeky ruin your device by ‘bricking’ it. This means the phone or iPod is just like the battery is dead, only you can’t charge it. It’s as good as a brick. And the thing is, because you’ve tried to jailbreak your device, App will refuse to fix it. What a great way to spend your money.

2. It could be illegal

There is a debate currently going on in the tech world as to whether jailbreaking is illegal or not. What it seems, right now, is that the actual act of jailbreak is inside the law, but putting the extra apps and downloading App Store apps free isn’t. So why jailbreak if it’s illegal to do these things?

3. It lags your iPod

Jailbreaking can considerably lag your device, such as opening apps. Who wants to wait 6 or 7 seconds to open a app?

4. Apple is catching up

With new apps on the store all the time, and the recent software updates, Apple is catching up. Multitasking, folders and wallpapers, all some of the most tempting features of jailbreaking, are now part of the iPod and iPhone, and apps just like jailbreak-only apps are appearing on the app store every day.

5. Malware

Because the apps and software available to jailbreakers haven’t been put through Apple’s tests, theres every chance that the app you just downloaded has a virus on it which is going to crash your device. And guess what! Because you’ve jailbroken, Apple will refuse to fix it and void your warranty.

6. You never know.

Every time your device freezes, slows down, or crashes, you never can be sure whether it was Apple’s fault, or the fault of some indie app developer.

7. Peace of mind

When using a un-jailbroken iPod/iPhone, you can be sure that, if it does break, you’re friends at the Genius Bar will be happy to fix it, especially if it falls under your warranty. With a jailbroken device, any problem that can’t be fixed with a restore is a death sentence for your iPod or iPhone.

Thanks to http://areacellphone.com/2010/05/top-5-must-have-jailbreak-apps-for-starters/ for the feature image.

3 Responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Jailbreak”
  1. Hamish Prior says:

    Absalutely right Jamie, in all aspects. I jailbroke my old iPhone to test out some stuff on it, and well, i’m glad it was my old iphone let me tell you that. I did it to install android on it, which was cool, as a proof of concept. That is all though, it made it buggy, slow and horrible.

  2. Steve P. says:

    A jail-broken device is also unable to register for push notifications or display DRM’d iBooks using the latest iBook update.

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