Why I don’t want WP7, but Symbian^3

Okay, so there’s been a lot of talk at the moment of the new Micro-Nokia partnership, most of which revolving around Windows Phone 7 coming to future Nokia smartphones. Yes, this means goodbye Symbian^3. But in the past couple months using Symbian^3 on my Nokia N8, I’m actually a bit sad to see it go. Symbian^3 and I have had many bad times together, but we’ve also has some good ones too. Even though WP7 won’t be coming to the N8, I don’t want it to.

In my review of the Nokia N8 it’s fair to say I slated the Symbian^3 software, but really admired the phone. However, over the past two months, I’ve really started to like the software. In fact, the only two problems I really have had was pressing touch buttons while on a call and the speed of the software. Even though Symbian doesn’t have the same polish and UI features of Android, WP7 and iOS, it does have some really nifty features and apps. I love the camera software in every way, it is fantastic what you can do. The widgets have been increasingly useful, weather and news feeds flicking through my screen every few seconds. The menu layout and many applications, although a bit disappointing at first, have grown on me and I’m now quite happy with it. Being able to whack in your USB and copy files off it, has proved handy also, and being able to flick through me phone’s files with ease is great. And even though I have not used it yet, I can’t wait to try out it’s FM transmitter function.

So, with the prospect of WP7 coming to Nokia smartphones, I originally smiled with the thought of new software. But then I picked up my phone. I took a photo, I edited it, and then flicked through the Ovi Store. My original feelings felt distant. Even though it doesn’t have the same finesse as other operating systems, Symbian^3 and I had had some great moments. Fortunately Windows Phone 7 isn’t coming to the Nokia N8, but even it did, I’m not sure I would want to make the change.


Images thanks to http://www.mobileciti.com.au/nokia-n8-dark-grey and http://noknok.tv/2011/02/10/nokia-n8-firmware-update-v13-016-pr1-1-hits-uk/ (edited by myself)

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