One Of My Favourite Apps – Boxhead

If any of you have played the online flash game ‘Boxhead’, then you’ll know exactly what this is. The fast-paced action game, which pits you against wave after wave of zombies and other monstrosities, has now been ported for iOS devices.

Much like the flash version, you play as Jon Bambo, a mercenary with an arsenal of different weapons and a penchant for killing zombies and demons. You start with a simple pistol, and the zombies are easy to kill. But as you progress through the game, you get better weapons- and harder opponents. Before long, you are using dual shotguns, grenade launchers and Uzis to kill bloodthirsty zombies and firebreathing demons your size. You can use C4 and explosive barrels to blow your enemies sky high, and set up traps such as gauntlets and turrets to protect yourself from a safe distance.

There are your three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Nightmare, and three maps: Close Combat, Death Alley, and Welcome to Hell. When you are ready to go, you press the words “Enter Hell.”

One thing I really like about Boxhead was the weapons system. While shooting some demons, you can quickly press the weapon button at the bottom of the screen and you get a list of the weapons at your disposal. This makes changing weapons extremely easy. Another one of my favourite things are the defensive weapons, such as the MG Turret and the C4 Charge, which make the game much more entertaining, because instead of run-and-shoot, you can actually plan how to survive.

You can find Boxhead here.


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