The departure of Paul Miller

To say that when I started technoladget I had no inspiration would be wildly untrue, and I must say a large amount of that inspiration came from Engadget. As I have said in a previous post, I am an engadget reader. Reading my own news site gets a bit dull, seeing as I write a lot of the stuff on it. Reading articles others write is quite interesting, and Engadget is a great source for all of this.

Paul Miller, former senior associate editor of has just left their team, and I thought It would be worthy of mentioning on here. Paul, Josh, Nilay and the rest of the Engadget team are a great inspiration to me. Browsing through their CES 2011 photos, 2011 MWC posts, and all the rest has always been fun, and it is something that one day I wish to achieve. To see Paul leave is pretty crazy, the podcasts, posts, and Engadget shows will be wildly different without him. I’m not going to sit here and post about why he left, because I’m not him, so I probably shouldn’t do that. Check out his post about the matter here.

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