Essay for iPad review

Recently we here at technoladget were sent a promotional code for a great little app called Essay, so heres the review.

Essay is quite simply, the text editor you wish your iPad had. Notes is to basic, but then Pages (part of the iPad’s iWork suite) is almost too extreme, you don’t need something that does as much as Pages does to write up a simple article, or peice of text. Typing this review now using Essay, I must say it definetly gets the job done well.


Essay saves things in an HTML format. Different, yes, however it is as it states in it’s app description the basis for many web pages, and is largely viewable in many word processors. Essay’s Dropbox syncing compatibilty also makes it extremely easy to save things to the cloud, which I seem to be doing more and more these days.


The user interface of Essay is really something special. If you have ever used the Twitter app for iPad, you might know what I’m talking about. Dragging panes of menus around, on and off the screen, this to me is really quite intuative, and makes really good use of the touch gestures iOS supports, and the large screen realistate of the iPad. I can zoom to full screen with a pinch to zoom gesture, and as you’d expect, zoom back out with the opposite gesture.

Other features

Essay allows you to print with AirPrint, and that works just as you’d expect. There is also a really handy little word and character count up in the top right of the status bar (once you have enabled it in the app’s settings) which easily lets you see the progress of your peice with a quick glance upward. It doesn’t take up valuble screen space, and sort of just sits there in an out of the way fassion.

Wrap up

Using Essay has really been great, and I think I’ve found my new casual writing application for iPad. There are however, some flaws which really do stand out after a short while. Auto-correction being the key one I’m talking about. After typing on my iPad for so many months now, I really have gotten used to the automatic fixing of my spelling and gramatical innacuracies, and to be honest have never really turned it off. As soon as it has been turned off however, you really do start to notice it, and even though auto-correct can cause you some problems sometimes, having it turned off makes those problems a whole lot worse, and typing on the iPad a whole lot slower. Apart from this however, Essay has been a really great app to use, and I think the user interface, stability and functionality of this app can make me overlook the auto-correct issue. I think this app has just become the app I use for iPad based technoladget work.

Download Essay on the App Store here and check out their website here.

Also, loving the sample text in Essay’s press images, nice Apple history touch there!

2 Responses to “Essay for iPad review”
  1. You made some decent points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found most guys will agree with your site.

  2. Ducknose says:

    Gotta love the name of the app, Essay. Reminds me of the dreadful, traumatic, pressurized and anxiety (get what I mean) things that we have to do at school. It looks like a good program which kinda fits in the right spot, kinda like the three little bears story. There will be people who are happy with what they have (Notes or Pages) and don’t see the point of buying, but there will be people who will be situationally aware on what program suits their needs and find this to suit the bill.

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