A Mobile Movement, the Technological Battlefield

Mac V Windows, something we hear a lot these days, and have been hearing for years, and years. To say that the battle hasn’t evolved to something new would be crazy. We do so much of our computing on our smartphones these days, and with the smartphone revolution came a new era in fanboy warfare, the battle of the mobile operating system.

Any active commenter of almost any tech site or forum would obviously know about the constantly raging fanboyism, from all parties, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian^3, WebOS, the list goes on. Any of these commenters would also notice that these comment battles are occurring all the time, and the Mac versus Windows debate seems to be slipping off to the side. This does not come as a shock to me at all.

Put it this way. Lets take it back 4-5 years. The average cellphone user had a normal cellphone, something that really wasn’t anything special, and was used for the very basic functions of making phone calls and texting. As the years went on, and the iPhone and Android OS was released, things started to change. People started using their phones more and more to access the web,  check the weather, and find out the latest news from their online social world. Of course there was this before iPhone, you had companies such as Palm bringing a great (for it’s time) smartphone OS, however nothing really became that mainstream until the iPhone and Android. People began to become attached to their phones more than they ever could with their desktops, simply because the experience was something so much more personal and appealing.

The number of people getting enthusiastic with their smartphone operating system started to soar, and the average everyday cellphone user became the average android or iOS fanboy. People didn’t care about their computer. Their computer was something they used to surf the web, sync their phones, and do their work, they didn’t care what their computer was running, how it was running it, or any of the other nitty gritty details to do with desktop OS’. They cared about the fastest way they could post on their friends wall’s, or quickly check the footy scores. Smartphones brought this to people in a way that people didn’t think were possible.

And in that instant, a new online battle of nerds ignited, one that didn’t just include the tech enthusiasts, one that reached out to everyday users with brand new interests in technology, and here we are today. Where comment sections are dominated by Android and iOS fanboys, and the days of Mac V Windows debates seem to slip off into the past. Of course this is not to say that that is dying, it is still very much alive, it just seems to be moving to a new stage of existence. A mobile movement.


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