My iTunes Movie Night

The other night, my family and I fancied watching a movie. We’re not really a big-movie-watching family and seeing something usually means going to the cinema, or catching it on tele. But for this particular night, we decided to try something new. iTunes!

So, what we did was download the movie from iTunes, and the streamed it to our Apple TV after it downloaded. Purchasing the movie was very easy, just search it on iTunes and then buy or rent. Obviously we already had the Apple TV set up (which is also incredibly simple) and streaming it just meant selecting the computer and then flicking through the menus to the movie. There were zero problems with the streaming and the picture quality was perfectly fine.

Although it isn’t the cheapest form of entertainment, it is ridiculously easy and convenient. The iTunes store gives you access to thousands of movies and Apple TV means watching it on you big screen no problem. What’s more is that you can also stick it on you iPod, iPhone or iPad.

If you haven’t done this or something similar before, I’d definitely recommend you give it a go. It is much easier then going to the rental shop (but not as cheap) and there is a much broader selection of titles then at the cinema (but not as recent, obviously).


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2 Responses to “My iTunes Movie Night”
  1. jamiereiter says:

    So what did you watch?

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