Isometrics, Exercise Anywhere.

I’ve recently become aware of Isometrics, an exercise app, which has been created in the App Incubator. The idea, an app with an entire gym, a personal trainer, and a fitness plan all in your iPhone, was thought of by IT specialist Paul Martin.

Isometrics exercise is a form of strength and resistance training, where muscles are contracted without any angular movement. This means isometrics uses little more than a timer and can be done pretty much anywhere.

The app has over 50 separate exercises for your abs, arms, calves, chest, neck, shoulders and thighs, and you can select what kind of location you are at, like at a desk, in a car, in a chair, or standing. This means the exercise you choose will be perfect for you’re current situation. For example, after searching for exercises for my thighs while sitting in a chair, I received ten different exercises. That’s right; there are ten different ways to exercise your thighs, while sitting down!

There are also other handy features, like a fitness planner, favourite exercises, and the ability to set yourself reminders. There was also a little “instructions and precautions’ section, just so you know you’re exercising safely!

The only thing I didn’t like about Isometrics is that it can’t play music while in the app. This can be easily fixed by an update though. Other than that, Isometrics is perfect, with numerous exercises, and good search system, and a clean, easy to use interface. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have lots of time to exercise, or anyone who thinks this could help their fitness routine.


2 Responses to “Isometrics, Exercise Anywhere.”
  1. Dave says:

    Great app – able to do some execise in the office and travelling to/from without sweating – 9/10

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