MacBook Pro (early 2011) Hands On

So after working a long hard day at school, I took off up to the local Apple Store with the intent of having a good look at the new macbook pro models.

Even after only spending about ten minutes with a 15″ core i7 model I can say that this update is quite and improvement. Unfortunately I was not able to check out the Thunderbolt I/O connection, due to the lack of peripherals available today, however all other aspects of this mac seemed to be an equally large improvement.

What I found incredibly interesting and thought I just must try was the 720p iSight camera. It definitely lived up to expectations, however I am left wondering how much better it would look than your average iSight camera when used over Facetime or iChat. As for power the Sandy-bridge i5 beast inside this machine was running at blistering speeds, and I was impressed. I will look more into this with later testing however with the limited time I had I wasn’t able to properly suck this machine of all it’s power, however even with basic things such as opening up large applications, getting movies playing, etc this thing was going really well.

As I said before I was not able to completely test this thing out in the short time I had available, however the difference I could notice was incredible, and I’m sure there’ll be more to notice with further testing.

4 Responses to “MacBook Pro (early 2011) Hands On”
  1. ewanroxburgh says:

    I’d really fancy a Macbook Pro, my Macbook is getting a little old. What is it you’d like to se from a Macbook Pro? What would make you want to get one straight away?

    • Hamish Prior says:

      I can definitely see thunderbolt being an awesome inclusion, especially once the peripherals really start to roll out. Also with a minimum of a Sandy Bridge i5 processor, the power side looks pretty good too. I think it would be these sorts of improvements that would make me want to get one straight away .

  2. Hamish says:

    I bought a 15″ Core i7 MBP last year and a few months later swapped out the hard drive for solid state. Now we’re talking! 10 second boot up, 2.5 sec shutdown. Apps launch at the speed of thought. Looking forward to Thunderbolt peripherals coming down in price.

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