A visit to the Galaxy Tab booth

So yesterday while I was out checking out the new Macbook Pro lineup, I stumbled upon something I was quite surprised to see. One of those little temporary shop things that sometimes are set-up in shopping centres, this one devoted to the Galaxy Tab, and run by Samsung. Generally it’s like a makeup stand, or something like that so with one that captured my interest more than usual I decided to walk over and check it out.

I talked to a guy who wishes to stay un-named and he knew his stuff better than I thought he would. Often when I walk up to these sort of places, I out-nerd the workers by a large amount, not so much this time.

I am a massive iPad user, I really do think it is great and really like iOS, but I do keep an open mind and try to look at Android, WP7 and other mobile operating systems with an open mind. I said to this to the guy there, and said basically try to convince me to buy one of these over an iPad. His main point was really the size of the device. The guy at the booth emphasised this a lot, he said that the iPad really was a great device but it’s 10″ display faulted it a bit in his mind, saying that with something that big you may-aswell be using a laptop, a valid point, however I do think that is a matter of opinion. Yes I did bring up the fact that there is a 10.1″ Galaxy Tab scheduled for release later this year. He demonstrated how he could fit it in the back pocket of his suit pants, and stated how the form factor was seeming to be quite popular in the business world.

He mentioned a bunch of other things such as it’s readers hub, incorporating everything to do with reading into one app, and the fact that more than half of the apps on the Android Market are free, I’m not sure how true this is but it very well could be. He finished off with mentioning how it runs Touchwiz, which he said is very smooth, and solid. If you set an alarm you know it will go off, unlike Apple’s new year incident with iPhone alarms.

Was interesting I must say, however I think I can safely say I will definitely be sticking with my iPad. I just can’t wait to see what Apple announces at it’s March 2 event.


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