Elder Scrolls: Gameplay Update

Both in mine and Ewan’s Most Anticipated Games of 2011, we mentioned Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, the next installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Not much was known about it, only a teaser trailer with a few numbers, talking of dragons returning, and all round mysteriousness.

But just a few days ago, a new video was released, and it’s a gameplay trailer. Coming in at just under 3 minutes the video starts with footage of a character running down a snow covered hill. as the man from the first teaser is talking. The graphics look fantastic, with the snow, trees and rocks looking extremely realistic, and the camera bouncing as he was running also added to the realism. It then shows an incredible piece of footage, of the character being shown from a sky angle, as he is being chased by a dragon. And cue epic dragon fighting sequence.

After that, the video goes through many different shots, the first few showing the amazing landscape, then some gameplay footage of fighting numerous beasts.

The video finishes with the main character slaying a dragon, with it crashing to the ground and splattering him in blood.

The game will be released 11/11/2011.


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